Windows 8 First Preview

Microsoft has for the very first time previewed it’s upcoming version of Windows at All Things Digital conference. Steven Sinofsky , President of Windows and Windows Live division gave a peek of some of the features.
Microsoft plans to introduce new kind of user interface to Windows. It would include tile based start screen with tiles capable of showing updated information pulled from the apps they are connected to. It means you don’t need to go inside each application to check for information. It is automatically available on the home screen. This design is essentially inspired from Windows Phone 7.
Windows 8 will include web connected apps which would be developed using HTML 5 and Java Script. They will have full access to the power of PC. The new user interface would be optimized for touch but will run equally well with traditional keyboard and mouse also.
Windows 8 would be capable of running on multiple form factors including small slates, laptops, desktops and even bigger class room sized displays providing one experience across different variety of PC’s. With tablets like iPad becoming popular, it is important for Microsoft that it’s Windows runs well on them and provides a great user experience.
This was just the tip of iceberg. Microsoft would be revealing more details at it’s developer event, BUILD (Sept. 13 - 16 in Anaheim, Calif.).
Imagining what is the new user interface like ? Check out the video

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